PhotoGame FAQ (english)

What is the goal of the game?
… quite simple: to have fun while playing. Clear, right? It’s fun guessing photos with your friends! Use your smartphone camera to send photos to your friends and let them guess the word that matches the picture. Your friends also send you photos and then its your turn.

How do I find a playing partner?
Click on “New Game”. If you’re new here, just search for a random opponent. Alternatively, you can check if any of your Facebook friends already play – if not, you can send them an invitation.

How do I solve photo puzzles?
A photo puzzle is always a photo and an associated term. The term of course you do not see. Below the photo are all the letters that are included in the term and some other random characters. You have to tap on the letters in the correct order in which you write that word. If you tap on any letter (in the solution box above), then that letter returns down again. Once you have written the word correctly, it goes on – congratulations: You’re up one level and have earned a few coins! By the way, the faster you guess the word, the more coins you get.

After this, you rate the photo by simply clicking on one of the stars. Furthermore, you can send a message, that your partner sees before he solves your new puzzle.

What do I do if I can not solve the puzzle?
There are a few helping tools:

  • PhotoGame HelpAsk Friends: Post the photo on Facebook or Twitter and see if your friends have an idea.
  • PhotoGame Joker Show LetterView letter: For a few coins, you can get one correct letter to appear in the solution. Give it a try
  • PhotoGame Joker Delete LetterDelete letter: For a few coins we delete a few letters away that don’t belong to the solution
  • PhotoGame ResignResign: If you can not figure it out, you can still give up – but beware: you lose all your levels (with that partner), and the game with the game partner is terminated.

How do I send a new puzzle?
Take an interesting photo or choose one from your album. Then you should choose a nice part of the photo, so that it can’t be recognised very easily. Then just type the term. Here are a few tips that you can use for choosing a photo:

  • Details of the Objects
  • Unusual perspective of objects
  • Points of interests
  • Famous app icons
  • Scenes from movies
  • Let your imagination run wild and surprise us….

What are the levels?
The level shows you, how many successful puzzles have you played with a friend.

What are ‘Game Slots’?
In the standard version, you can use a regular account to play with up to 5 friends simultaneously (2 with test account). If you want to play with more friends, can you buy more slots in the shop.

What do I do with an image that is inappropriate?
If an image is offensive or sexual nature, then please report this to us. For this, click on the PhotoGame Report Photo and select a reason why you want to report this picture. We then finish the game with that game partner and he/she can not invite you anymore. Furthermore, we will check it and block the player if necessary.

What is the setting ‘Single Player’?
We are in the process of integrating a function in which you can guess the photos of other players. For this we use random photos from all the games. If you do not want your photos to be used by this feature, then please turn off this feature.