Piratron FAQ (english)

We are very sorry to tell you, but we are going to shut down Piratron on January 31st. Please exchange contact details with your chat partners. We would like to thank you for playing.

You do not know how to play Piratron? Shiver me timbers! Then we explain it to you. Piratron was inspired by the classic game Qwirkle and we invented a completely new form. You always play against at least one other person who may be at any location, on this planet. Experienced pirates can play against up to three opponents.


  • There are 6 colors and 6 symbols.
  • The game consists of 72 tiles 2 players playing. With 3 and 4 players it is played with 108 tiles.
  • In addition, there is a blank tile for every player in the bag. These are assigned randomly during the game play.
  • Each player starts with 6 random tiles, which are refilled after every move.
  • The player begins, who invited to the game.


  • The aim is to form lines that contain all 6 icons in a single color, each symbol may be included only once in the series.
  • The aim is to form lines that contain one icon in all possible 6 colors, each color may be included only once in the series.


  • One tile of your first line has to touch the skull (middle of the board). Arrrr.
  • All other tiles must be applied to existing lines or expand them. As clear as the Caribbean Sea!
  • Tiles can be placed horizontally (from left to right) or vertically (from top to bottom), but not diagonally. No crooked things, mariner.
  • Eye patch open: Do tiles touch other lines, these must also produce a valid line!
  • Within one move you are only allowed to place tiles in one direction. Strictly your crow’s nest!
  • As long as there are tiles in the bag, any tile that you placed in a move will be replaced after the move is done.


  • As long as there are 6 tiles in the bag, you can exchange any of your tiles for new ones – but in this move, you can not place own tiles.

In-game shop:

  • After you reach level 4, you will be granted access to the power ups shop. Depending on your and your opponent´s level, the number of times you can use power ups in a game will be decided.

Power Ups:

  • For every game, only 5 random power ups will be available to use. These power ups will be same for you and your opponent.
  • As the game progresses, the number of accessible power ups will keep decreasing.
  • When the game is about to end, the power ups will be disabled in order to make sure that no one can do last minute uses and win the game.

Power Ups description:

  • Block Field – If you feel that the enemy might get an advantage by placing tiles at particular places, you can use this power up to block the field. This way the opponent can not place tiles on that particular field unless he/she uses a block removal bomb on it.
  • BLock Removal Bomb – If your opponent blocks a field that might gain you advantage over the game, you can destroy it with the bomb and place your tiles. ( Warning: Explosive item, handle with care! )
  • Bonus +1 – Use this item to gain 1 extra point for each line placed on this tile during your turn.
  • Bonus +2 – Use this item to gain 2 extra point for each line placed on this tile during your turn.
  • Bonus +3 – Use this item to gain 3 extra point for each line placed on this tile during your turn.
  • Bonus x2 – Use this item to gain double points for each line placed on this tile during your turn. ( If placed on a Piratron, you will get 6×2+6 = 18 points as the bonus +6 of Piratron will not be doubled )

Criteria for game end:

  • 1. Once the number of tiles to be played reaches 0 for any player, the game ends and the player with maximum points attained wins.
  • 2. If each player passes 2 times consecutively.
  • The winner is the pirate with the most points. And how do you get points, you will learn now:


  • Each tile is worth one point.
  • If a tile applies to an existing line, you get the points of each tile in the series.
  • If you complete a line with all six tiles, you get double points. 12 instead of just 6. This is called a Piratron.
  • If you placed a tile on a colored field, you get 1 or 2 bonus points for the line depending on which field it was placed upon.
  • The pirate, who first places all his/her tiles, get the points of the remaining tiles that the other players still have on hand.

Managing Games

Inviting new People:

  • You can invite people in multiple ways:
  • 1. Facebook: If you are connected to Facebook, you can invite your friends who are playing Piratron directly. If they are not then they can be notified by you.
  • 2. Nickname: If you know any pirate by his name from earlier skirmishes or any of your mates, you can invite them directly via this option.
  • 3. Random Opponent: If you wish to dominate the sevens seas, you can start a battle with a random opponent and make him walk the plank.
  • 4. Recent Enemy: If you wish to take revenge or beat em once more you can invite people who you have played against previously.
  • 5. E-mail: If you know the pirates E- mail, you can invite him directly by this option.

Deleting games:

  • If for some reason your opponent runs away and does not continue your game, you can delete the game by sliding towards right on the particular game on Main Menu to reveal the delete option.
  • Keep in mind you can delete a game only if its older than 24 hours.

Logging In:
The player can chose the way he can login. He can either login via:

  • Facebook account,
  • Email ID or
  • Trial account

Keep in mind, if you login via Facebook, you will not be able to login through email till the account is connected to Facebook. If you wish to disconnect Facebook, you can do so by entering the game and going to the Settings and disabling it from there.

If you play with a Trial account and later wish to make a live account, you can just go to the settings of your trial account and attach a valid email to your account. Doing so will convert it into a live account and remove any restrictions from the trial account.

Game Slots:
Each player can invite only a limited number of pirates to play against. Registered accounts start with 5 slots. Trial accounts will start with 2 slots.

The player can of-course obtain more slots by the following ways:

  • 1. By gaining Levels: The player is awarded an additional game slot once he reaches level 5 and beyond that he gets an additional slot every 10 levels. ( one slot at level 5, 15, 25 and so on )
  • 2. By purchasing more Slot Packs from the shop with real money or in-game currency.