The Scoring

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The score of a move is calculated from the points of each letter tile – these are right up engraved on each tile. In addition, points are made ​​up of words that have been newly formed by extending words.

Bonus fields:
If you placed a word on a colored field, you get bonus points for the word.

  • The letter counts twice: x2
  • The letter counts triple: x3
  • The word counts twice: skull. It is therefore useful to invite others to a game.
  • The word counts twice: 2W
  • The word counts triple: 3W
  • You can also combine bonuses and really ride the wave: 2x + 2W

And this is how your score is calculated:

  • First, double or triple letter values​​, then the total is doubled or tripled.
  • The bonus applies only to the first placed tiles. If a new word is formed, the bonus only applies to newly placed tiles.
  • If all the letter tiles placed in one move, you get 50 extra points!
  • If a word is crossed, so now new word is formed, there are no points for the crossed word.
  • The pieces that you’ll end up on your tile rack, count negative.
  • The pirate, who first places all its tiles, get the points of the game tiles that have the other players still on hand.
  • The winner is the pirate with the most points. The loser scrub the deck!