The Rules

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These are the rules for Words with Pirates – actually quite simple to understand and for every pirate.

  • Every pirate gets 7 letter tiles. Ay.
  • The playing field is 15 x 15 playing fields. Ay.
  • One letter of your first word has to touch the skull (middle of the board). Arrrr.
  • All other words must be applied to existing words or expand them. As clear as the Caribbean Sea!
  • Words can be placed horizontally (from left to right) or vertically (from top to bottom), but not diagonally. No crooked things, mariner.
  • Words can be extended forward or backward or on both sides.
  • Eye patch open: Do letter tiles touch other letter tiles, these must also produce a valid word!
  • You can always place only one word or extend a word. It may, however, build other words automatically when you place your letters.
  • You can “pass“ and not create a word. Ay, a tactical retreat.
  • You can exchange any number of letters with new letters – but in this move, you can not place own letters, it’s your opponent’s turn. It may be exchanged as long as at least seven letter tiles are in the “bag“.
  • The game ends when one of the mangy cronies has no more tiles or all pirates “pass” in two consecutive rounds. Deadly calm, arrr.
  • The winner is the pirate with the most points. And how do you get points, you will learn now:

And so does the scoring.