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You do not know how to play Words with Pirates? Shiver me timbers! Then we explain it to you. Words with Pirates was inspired by the classic game Scrabble and we invented a completely new form. You always play against at least one other person who may be at any location, on this planet. Experienced pirates can play against up to three opponents.

Start a match:

  • Choose , to start a new game.

Choose a language:

  • You can choose in which language you want to play with your opponent. There are several dictionaries available.

Invite a player:

  • Choose among the different ways to find an opponent. Do you know anyone yet, see if one of your Facebook friends already playing, or choose a random opponent by “Random opponent“. You can select up to three opponents.

Start game:

  • To issue the game, confirm with “Start Game”:

Place your first word:

  • Since you’ve invited others to Words with Pirates, you must first create a word. Always start in the middle of the playing field and put your first word on the skull.

Waiting for opponents:

  • Now it’s your opponent’s turn. You will be notified automatically when you’re back on the move.

Invited by:

  • Invitations will appear here from other players for a match. You can also delete the challenge by swiping.

Game Over:

  • Here, all finished games are displayed. A game ends when one player has placed all his letter tiles or if all players pass in two consecutive rounds.

That’s about it … Was not all that difficult, arrr!

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