PirateFleet 2 FAQ – english

Can I delete running games?

Sure, If it’s not your turn, then after a period of 24 hours ye can resign from a game. Just swipe left to right over th’ games in the main menu. If it is your turn, you can choose to resign anytime in the same way. However we suggest completing games as resigning counts as a loss for you without gaining any coins.

Can I delete 'Pending Invitations' from the list?

O’ course, You can just click “Delete” after clicking in the game invitation.

Can I delete games from the 'Game Over' list?

O’ course, ye can swipe over th’ games ye want te delete!

How can I get the Premium Version?

Just click on “Premium Version” in th’ main menu. Ye will be forwarded to the Store. After buying the AdFree add-on, restart the application if it still shows ads.

Can I restore the Premium Version on iOS?

Sure, go to options and click on “Restore Premium Version”. You will not be charged again. This is only for users, who had bought the add-on before.

What does the red badge in behind a pirates name mean?

It indicates that you have got a new chat message. Open the game field and click chat.

Why do I need to register with an email address?

Yer friends can invite ye te games usin’ yer email address. Don’t worry, we not be sharin’ yer email with nobody; we keep our closer than our eyepatches! Arr!

Can I rotate a ship?

O’ course, ye can tap on a ship!

How is the score calculated?

Well, y’see, with every hit on a ship ye get 15 points, but if’n ye hit water ye lose 5 points. Ye also get 35 points for every ship ye sink.
Using non-striking abilities also rewards you with points, heres how:

Using a Scanner : 15 point for every unit detected
Placing a Mine : 5 points
Placing a Dummy Ship : 5 points
Placing a Anti-Air turret : 5 points

The winner of a battle gets 100 points on top.

What are the rules?

Arr! Ye not be knowin’ th’ rules te battleship? Oh, ye landlubbers kill me…
Before th’ game begins, each o’ th’ captains arranges all his ships in a grid, an’ each o’ those ships take up squares on th’ grid. Don’t be tryin’ te be sneaky either- the ships can’t overlap each other! After all th’ ships have been put inte their proper place, each player starts with five Ability Power aka AP te fire on th’ other opponent’s board. When all o’ th’ squares o’ a ship have been hit, it’s sunk! Once all o’ th’ ships on one side o’ th’ board have gone te Davy Jones’ locker, th’ game’s over and th’ player with his ships left wins!

What is this Ability Power aka AP and how do I use it?

In PirateFleet 2, a pirate can do much more than fire cannons, so we now use Ability Power each turn to do actions. Some actions require more AP, some require none. Here is how you get AP:

Depending on number of your ships alive, you get AP.
Number of ship alive => AP
>=4 => 5 AP
3 => 4 AP
2 => 4 AP
1 => 3 AP
Sinking opponent ships quickly reduces his fire power and gives you a better chance of winning. Use this information wisely!

AP is used to do offensive actions on the enemy grids. Here is a chart of AP cost for each action:

Using non-upgraded scanner : 0 AP
Firing a cannon : 1 AP
Using an upgraded scanner : 3 AP
Using a Salvo Barrage : 3 AP
Using an Air Strike : 3 AP
Using a Rail Strike : 3 AP

What are these new powers up I hear of and how do I use them?

With PirateFleet 2, we added a lot of content and gave pirates more control over the game by giving them the opportunity to use much more strategies and tactics.
Pirates can now use in-game defensive and offensive abilities. You can see them in the game field in the slot wheel at the bottom of the screen. If you are on your grid, you see defensive actions, if you are on opponent grid, you see offensive actions.
You can select the ability by using the slot wheel and then depending on the ability, you can perform its actions. Keep in mind, the ship attached to the ability must be active on the ship for you to use those abilities. If the ship is sunk in battle, you will not be able to use the ability anymore in that game.

Defensive Abilities:
Mines: You can select the Mine ability on the slot wheel then target the location on your grid where do you want to place it and click the green button. Once done, if your opponent fires at it, his grid will also take damage on the same location. If you deployed an upgraded mine, his field will take a 3×3 size damage with the target location at the center. Using mines costs some amount of coins. You can place maximum 2 mines per game.

Dummy: You can select the Dummy ability on the slot wheel then target the location where you want to place the dummy ship. clicking the slot wheel icon again will change the rotation of the dummy ship. You can place 2 ships if you have upgraded this ability.

AntiAir Turret: You can place a AntiAir turret on your Anti-Aircraft ship. If any opponent tries to use an Airstrike in the row or column the turret is deployed, the plane will be shot down. Once upgraded, you can place 2 of these units in battle.

Offensive Abilities:
Radar: You can select the Radar ability on the slot wheel then target the location to scan on the grid. If you have a un-upgraded Radar ship, this ability will scan the 1×1 grid unit you had targeted and reveal its content for few seconds. If you have an upgraded radar ship, it will reveal a 6×6 area on the grid for few seconds. It costs a few coins to use this ability.

Salvo: You can select the Salvo ability on the slot wheel then target the location on the grid to fire. It will fire 5 cannons at the cost of just 3 AP. If upgraded, you can fire this ability 2 times per game. It costs a small amount of coins to use.

Air Strike: You can select the AirStrike ability on the slot wheel then target the row or column for the strike. Clicking on the ability icon on the slot wheel will change its attack axis. This ability will go through a row or column and hit the first opponent unit it encounters. The upgraded version of this ability will hit 2 units in the row or column. It costs a moderate amount of coins to use.

Rail Strike: This ability works the same way as the Air Strike but it will destroy every unit it finds in its path. It is the most expensive to use ability in game.

How do I get coins to buy , upgrade ships and use their abilities?

Since this is a free to play game, we give you multiple options to get coins. You can play lots of games and earn coins, or you can chose to purchase coin packs from the store if you want the coins faster. Every time you win, you get 60+number of abilities used*10. If you lose, you get 30 +number of abilities used+10. So make sure you end each game you start, you get coins always!

Whats this fleet customization and how do I use it?

In PirateFleet 2, the user can pick the fleet he wants to battle with. You can buy new ships and each ship comes with a unique ability attached to it. You upgrade these ships to upgrade the effectiveness of these power ups. In the customize fleet screen, you can select which ships you want to use to battle your opponents. If you have bought the ships, all you have to do is click on the check box and select them. You can only select a total of 17 unit worth of ships.

For example, you can select:
5 unit, 3 unit, 3 unit, 3 unit, 2 unit, 1 unit fleet or
5 unit, 5 unit, 4 unit, 3 unit fleet or
4 unit, 4 unit, 4 unit, 5 unit fleet etc.
As long as total number of units is 17 you can use the fleet in battle.

What is the Single Player mode?

A lot of users in PirateFleet 1 asked for a single player mode, and we have added that in this game. You can play it offline and enjoy all of its 21 unique levels of game play. There is also a story for your entertainment which is revealed in the form of text before every match, I hope you enjoy them !

What language are you talking?

Arrr! We speak like pirates. If ye like to know more, go to the official talk like a pirate site: www.talklikeapirate.com. Ye will find a lot of background informations and ye will learn why to celebrate September 19th!

What are these Game Slots and why can I not play as many games as I want?

Each player can invite only a limited number of pirates to play against. Registered accounts start with 15 slots. Trial accounts will start with 3 slots.
The player can of-course obtain more slots by purchasing more Slot Packs from the shop with real money or in-game coins.

Where can I get more information about tactics, strategies or get to meet other players?

We highly recommend every player to like and join our Facebook page and interact with one another. You can share strategies, challenge opponents and discuss about this game.

What do I do when I can not find an answer here?

Get in contact with us. Just post your question to our Facebook page. Any questions regarding personal informations can be sent as an email to support@unitedtoy.com. We are happy, when you are happy.