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Who I am

  • I’m an entrepreneur. I treat work as play.
  • I like the future, that is what I can shape.
  • Doing stuff makes me happy.
  • I try to help people doing, not wishing.
  • I like the saying: “If you have a problem, solve it. If you can’t solve it, don’t make it a problem.”
  • I have to fail to learn.
  • The books which most influenced me: ‘4 Hour Work Week‘ and (unfortunately just in German) ‘Der Weg zum erfolgreichen Unternehmer
  • I’m luckily married and we have two wonderful children.

What I’ve done

  • 1997 Started study of informatics engineering at University, Esslingen
  • 1998 Member of student fraternity: Verbindung Motor e.V.
  • 2001 Founded location based business and failed 😉
  • 2003 Co-Founded fotokasten, first online photo service in Germany
  • 2010 Founded United Toy, first pirated style asynchronous games in the market