UnitedToy – The makers of The PhotoGame, PirateFleet, Piratron and Words 4 Friends

Thank you for sailing our waters! We are United Toy, a small crew of game developers, based in Germany. We create turn-based multiplayer games for iOS and just love what we do. Check out our releases below while we pirates finish up our next big thing. Arrr!

This is the second part of the famous PirateFleet game, with new ship types, great power-ups, new graphics, a brand new Single Player mode and a lot more. Read this great review of PirateFleet II on Appliv.

We are very sorry to tell you, but we are going to shut down Piratron on January 31st. Please exchange contact details with your chat partners. We would like to thank you for playing.

Words with Pirates

Here comes the best turn-based scrabble-type word game you’ve ever seen – Words with Pirates. Play against up to three players in a single match. Battle your friends all over the world in this turn-based multiplayer game. You can play in eight languages: English, Spanish, German, French, Dutch, Italian, Russian and Pirate. Simple and addictive like grandpappy’s rum! Yer can read this awesome review of Words with Pirates on Appliv.

Pirate Fleet

PirateFleet was our first big hit. A game just like the old pen-and-paper version “Battleships”, but now available on the iPhone, including a nice soundtrack, brilliant graphics and explosive animations. As mentioned above, it climbed very high in the App Store, which we are really proud of. You can play it for free against a pirate of your choice. Yer can read this awesome review of PirateFleet on Appliv.