PirateFleet 4 Friends FAQ

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Can I delete running games?

Sure, after a period of 24 hours ye can resign from a game. Just swipe over th’ games. Start yer swipe within the cell of the game ye want te delete.

Can I delete 'Pending Invitations' from the list?

O’ course, ye can swipe over th’ games ye want te delete! Start yer swipe within the cell of the game ye want te delete.

How can I get the Premium Version?

Just click on “Premium Version” in th’ main menu. Ye will be forwarded to the AppStore. After installing, use the same email address as you used in the free version.

Can I restore the Premium Version?

Sure, go to options and click on “Restore Premium Version”. You will not be charged again. This is only for users, who had bought the premium version within the free version before.

What does the bottle in front of a pirates name mean?

It indicates that you have got a new chat message. Open the game field and click chat.

Why do I need to register with an email address?

Yer friends can invite ye te games usin’ yer email address. Don’t worry, we not be sharin’ yer email with nobody; we keep our closer than our eyepatches! Arr!

Can I rotate a ship?

O’ course, ye can tap on a ship!

How is the high score calculated?

Well, y’see, with every hit on a ship ye get 15 points, but if’n ye hit water ye lose 5 points. Ye get points for every ship ye sink dependin’ on its size:
patrol boat (2 fields): 10 points
cruiser (3 fields): 15 points
battleship (4 fields): 20 points
troop carrier (5 fields): 25 points
Ye also get points for reactin’ all fast-like after yer opponent fires on ye:
Within one our => 10 points
up to 6 hours => 5 points
up to 12 hours => 3 points
up to 18 hours => 2 points
up to 24 hours => 1 points

The winner of a battle gets 50 points on top.

What are the rules?

Arr! Ye not be knowin’ th’ rules te battleship? Oh, ye landlubbers kill me…
Before th’ game begins, each o’ th’ captains arranges all his ships in a grid, an’ each o’ those ships take up squares on th’ grid. Don’t be tryin’ te be sneaky either- the ships can’t overlap each other! After all th’ ships have been put inte their proper place, each player starts with five boms te fire on th’ other opponent’s board. When all o’ th’ squares o’ a ship have been hit, it’s sunk! Ye loose a bomb with every two ships ye loose on yer side o’ th’ board. Once all o’ th’ ships on one side o’ th’ board have gone te Davy Jones’ locker, th’ game’s over and th’ player with his ships left wins!

Can I delete games from the 'Game Over' list?

O’ course, ye can swipe over th’ games ye want te delete! Start yer swipe within the cell of the game ye want te delete.

What language are you talking?

Arrr! We speak like pirates. If ye like to know more, go to the official talk like a pirate site: www.talklikeapirate.com. Ye will find a lot of background informations and ye will learn why to celebrate September 19th!

What do I do when I can not find an answer here?

Get in contact with us. Just post your question to our Facebook page. Any questions regarding personal informations can be sent as an email to support@unitedtoy.com. We are happy, when you are happy.

  • Karen

    New phone activation code

    • Ute Schoppmann-Amadeo

      We have emailed you details.

  • Veronica Maskell

    Got a new email and new phone and didn’t update my email prior to getting the new phone – any chance I can get my stuff updated! Ronica1234

  • Brian

    I got a new phone and need to get the activation token

    • Ute Schoppmann-Amadeo

      On it’s way to you via email.

  • Teresa

    How about adding some new avatars?

  • Daveg

    Recent enemies and high scores list are blank and have been for nearly 2 months now? I was told this would be fixed shortly and that was over a month ago. What’s up?

    • Ute Schoppmann-Amadeo

      Sorry, whilst we try our best to fix things as quickly as possible this one is taking longer than we expected.

    • Daveg

      Another month has clicked by – has the ship been abandoned or sunk by the developers?

  • http://twitter.com/jnhohol Jon Hohol

    Is there a way to have you reset my registered device server side to re-enable push notifications? I am no longer receiving them on my iPhone. I have deleted and re-installed the app many times. Cycled the notifications off and on in settings and nothing seems to work. Any assistance would be appreciated.

    • Ute Schoppmann-Amadeo

      Hi, no I am very sorry that is something you need to do locally.

    • http://twitter.com/jnhohol Jon Hohol

      How would you suggest I do this “locally”? I have turned notifications in settings. Restored my iPhone. What other “local” options are there?

    • Ute Schoppmann-Amadeo

      Try turning the notification off then turn off your phone and then turn the notification back on after turning the phone on.

    • http://twitter.com/jnhohol Jon Hohol

      I followed your steps and am still not receiving push notifications. Any other suggestions?

    • Ute Schoppmann-Amadeo

      Sorry, not really. You could try re-install.

  • Bethanne Murray

    Is there an option to turn off the chat feature?

    • Ute Schoppmann-Amadeo

      Hi, no there is not.

  • John Gavin

    Why can’t I use the recent enemies feature?

    • Ute Schoppmann-Amadeo

      We are having a couple of issues at the moment and hope these will be resolved soon. Very sorry!

  • kaitlin

    I no longer have access to the email account I logged in through – how can I regain access to pirate fleet

    • Ute Schoppmann-Amadeo

      If you send us an email with your old email and piratename as well as your new email we can look up the code if there is one and send it to your new email. If you just want to change your email you can do that in the app